31 Dec New Year, New Standards

By Alexandra Schmalzer, Personal Stylist

How to Properly Spot Clean:

We all have that piece in our wardrobe – you absolutely love the garment, but then you read those dreaded words, “Spot Clean Only.” When you’ve tried to spot clean in the past, you may have noticed, it’s common to get a ring around the area you tried to clean. The best way to spot clean is to gently massage the area with a damp white cloth and stain remover until the mark appears to be gone. Then, the key to avoiding the dreaded ring, gently wet the entire garment down in a clean shower or basin. Hang to dry and voila! This method only works for fabrics that like water, but it’s a great trick for those pesky stains.

How to Renew Natural Fibers:

Some fabrics don’t like water altogether. For example: silk, wool, cashmere, suede, leather, fur, feathers, the list goes on. Consistent laundering actually breaks down the fibers and lessens the wear life of these garments. So how do you get that freshly laundered scent without your bottled detergent? The good old fashioned way: hanging your clothes outside, no water necessary. The coolness of the night air halts bacteria growth and the dew in the morning air acts as a natural cleaner. This method doesn’t remove stains, but it does allow you to minimize cleanings and get more life out of your favorite garments!

How to Wash your Clothes:

Hands down, Forever New is the sustainable, natural solution to keeping your clothes young. Made with organic ingredients, this dermatologist-approved detergent is hypoallergenic, free of phosphates, bleach, dyes, and coloring. You can feel good about your family’s clothes knowing that no chemicals are coming into contact with their skin. Ahead of their time, Forever New started producing organic detergent in 1973 in Bloomington, MN. Their detergents come in granular and liquid form and are best known for being gentle on fine fabrics while meeting an unmatched standard of clean. Today, Forever New is world-renowned and has grown into a full line of garment care products.

So with the new year, choose to live by higher standards when it comes to your clothes. Conserve water, eliminate harsh chemicals, and support local, organic products. Your clothes will thank you!